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Lexi Vie: I Already Fucked in the Gym

I finally got one of the guys who was watching me while I was doing my leg routine, since I purposely made my leggings show my camel toe, and he couldn’t resist and fell into my trap, so while I was going to the showers I made a sign to him with my look and he followed me to where he found me and wildly I pulled down my leggings and put his cock in me without using a condom. I didn’t think about that. I just wanted him not to take it out until he left his milk in me.

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Lexi Vie: I Find out That the Gym Makes Me Very Horny

A few days ago I decided to start sculpting my body to have a bigger butt for all my users, but I didn’t count on exercising and sweating, and seeing men sweating and exercising next to me, that combination makes me very sick, I realize I’m a pervert, because just seeing those men lifting weights I could only imagine all of them fucking me wildly at the same time, and fucking me wildly and I couldn’t concentrate to exercise I only felt my vagina getting wet with each man I saw , until reaching the level where the humidity penetrated my underwear and was noticeable in my leggings…. I confess that I have thought about telling everyone that we should have an orgy!

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Lexi Vie: Sexy and Shy Girl

I am a shy girl as you may have noticed, but I really like the role play that you have as a dominant, it helps me discover my sensuality much better, you are very important for the knowledge of my body, you turn on every part of my being, I hope May we continue living these experiences together, here you always have your submissive.

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Lexi Vie: A Nice End of the Year

I would like to share with you that on the last day of my year I had an unexpected and inexplicable experience but I enjoyed it like you could never say that just on the last day of the year I had the best orgasm of the entire year…It all started at the typical family reunion that we do every year by tradition where my whole family gathers, one of my distant cousins whom I hadn’t seen in a while came home with his new girlfriend, his new girlfriend was beautiful, I confess that not I like women, but I don’t know what I saw in my cousin’s girlfriend that just by seeing her I immediately imagined her naked… so little by little I decided to gain her trust by helping her adapt to my family since she felt a little shy That’s how I gained her trust and just before the year was over I told her if she could accompany me to the bathroom because I was feeling a little dizzy and when we entered the bathroom I moved towards her mouth and grabbed both of her tits and apparently she wanted the same because we had the best sex I have ever had in my life, since when we were in the middle of undressing my cousin suddenly came in and instead of getting angry he got very horny and ended up giving us both a lot of cock and making us reach orgasm at the same time….

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Athenea Benz: Happy New Year!!

Hey guys! I hope u having a great day, I having a medical situation for that I won’t be streaming for few weeks, I will back in january, I send u to much kisses and really happy and blesse new year! With love Athenea…XOXO

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Abby Dixon: Beautiful Day

Hello, how are you, I love you, but yesterday was a great day, I had a great time and it gave me a lot of happiness, they are those little things that I would like to continue feeling, like peace and the excitement of something and not a fear

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Melody Carson: Merry Christmas ;)

I feel very grateful and happy with all your company, for me it is a privilege to share your wonderful time, I hope you have a great time, have a wonderful Christmas, remember that I will always be for you and whenever you want you can come for your beautiful Christmas present 😉 kisses

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Lexi Vie: Hot Imagination

Lately I have become more interested in the world of eroticism, I really enjoy reading seductive books and imagining hot situations where they fuck me with love and passion, I love dirty words and feeling my vagina wet while I read, I would like to enjoy a hot story with you, I hope May you dare to narrate your fantasy and moisten my vagina with your words and description of your hard cock ready to penetrate my tight and hot vagina.

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Abby Dixon: Un Saluido

Hello, I’m stopping by to tell you that I am very happy to have you with me in my living room, the truth is that I like being who I am and each one of you makes me feel better, I know that I have made mistakes, that I am not perfect and that I have more feelings than anything else, but really I just want to continue being like this, happy and feel better about myself, it’s a constant struggle

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Anto Herrera: Where Our Thing Starts, Naughty Things with Anto :)

Hi guys, I am very excited to meet and interact with you, I know we will discover and enjoy each other’s tastes and desires. Whatever you like you can feel free to talk about it with me, I will not judge you, feel free and be kind, I like to receive a lot of love.

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