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Chloe Johanson: One of My Favorite Activities

One of the activities that I like to do the most is exercise my body, it makes me feel better about myself, since I decided to start I have felt with much more energy, I feel better inside and out, and that is something that I would like That everyone understood exercise is a benefit which is reflected and is not only in your physique but in the way you live life from now on.

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Emma Montoya: Poems

Eyelid-twoBare my eyelids and cheeks,at kissesThe corner awaits you:ajarThe neck raised to be approached;through your lipsSlowly it runs over my shoulders,discoveredAnd now that I open my eyes,look at me and we’ll talk

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Dove Kammeron: I Miss Your Excited Body!

I feel that my days away from you have become a complete monotony that time runs slowly and the gray tones reach me in a hurry, I am looking for a way out of so much loneliness and your company is a scene to smile, I just hope that you allow me to continue Enjoying a little of what we have, what we feel and what we are going to experience, I leave you a fragment of one of my favorite poems, I recommend the author!"We had to throw ourselves into the future and stop looking back with so much nostalgia, with so much desire to resurrect a non-existent past. "Excess memory prevents us from living forward."MM

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Dove Kammeron: Welcome to Dove's World!

There are always fantasies in the air hanging around my head, I really enjoy every adventure that I live with you and I am also grateful for the moments I have lived, it has been a nice time and to you who have been close to me I want to thank you and really ask that we continue sharing more moments together, losing ourselves between pleasures and unforgettable moments, as you know I am a girl who loves nature and intimate, romantic, passionate and sophisticated moments!

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Kathia Lu: My Motorcycle

She is the best in the world, she can walk very fast but she is also super safe when applying an emergency brake, I travel with her and she always brings me or takes me, have you never loved an object in your life? well I do and it’s on my motorcycle

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Kathia Lu: My Favorite Toy

Hello, I wanted to tell you that my favorite toy is the domi or hitachi because the vibration on my clitoris makes me reach orgasm and makes me happy, I wish that every day they make me use it and make me vibrate so much that my legs are shaking

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Iisabella Gray: I Didn't Want to Deceive You

I tried to find youBut you hid inside yourself and never listened to meIn your desire to ignore me, it didn’t occur to you that the city is big.And someone, seeing me sad, lonely and weak, was going to take advantage.

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Iisabella Gray: You Lost Me :)

Lamento comunicarte que aprendi de tus erroresAmaneci en otra cama que en verdad merece honoresMe ensenaste a ser cruel a dar la espalda en vez de besos(Mejor por que no te marchas)Y olvidamos este infierno

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Iisabella Gray: Lost in Paradise

I won’t give up the fight in my lifeCause my life is living for loveAnd I won’t give up the fight in my lifeStand off and groove on timeTokyo prisonI’m going to relight your feelingWhen time gets roughNight and day are fadingI’m going to relight your feelingThere’s no time to explain

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Linda Fosterr: Answer Me One Thing

Hello, how are you? I hope you are well. I would like to do something so that we can socialize more. I have seen that many men like to see a very elegant woman, in a dress and heels, very sexy… but maybe they also like it? I like to see a woman dressed in another way, like baggy clothes and flat shoes, I’m one of both but tell me… Which one do you prefer?

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