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Iisabella Gray: Lost in Paradise

I won’t give up the fight in my lifeCause my life is living for loveAnd I won’t give up the fight in my lifeStand off and groove on timeTokyo prisonI’m going to relight your feelingWhen time gets roughNight and day are fadingI’m going to relight your feelingThere’s no time to explain

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Iisabella Gray: You Lost Me :)

Lamento comunicarte que aprendi de tus erroresAmaneci en otra cama que en verdad merece honoresMe ensenaste a ser cruel a dar la espalda en vez de besos(Mejor por que no te marchas)Y olvidamos este infierno

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Iisabella Gray: I Didn't Want to Deceive You

I tried to find youBut you hid inside yourself and never listened to meIn your desire to ignore me, it didn’t occur to you that the city is big.And someone, seeing me sad, lonely and weak, was going to take advantage.

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Linda Fosterr: Answer Me One Thing

Hello, how are you? I hope you are well. I would like to do something so that we can socialize more. I have seen that many men like to see a very elegant woman, in a dress and heels, very sexy… but maybe they also like it? I like to see a woman dressed in another way, like baggy clothes and flat shoes, I’m one of both but tell me… Which one do you prefer?

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Mia Gooddess: Hey Morning

Guys, I’m going to leave many more messages in a row, I want you to know that I will be exploring a little more with the versatility in my shows, I’ve been studying the subject of submission and it calls me too much attention, I want to implement it more often in my shows and above all to know your opinion if you enjoy it

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Sophie Jacobs: My First Days As a Web Model

Today I got a user who accompanied me most of my transmission, he was very special with me, we had coffee and talked about how we see ourselves in a few years, he gave me some tips to become the model I want to be, and with this private I realized that this industry is not just about sex, there are more exciting things like a good conversation with a coffee and a good man by your side.

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Sassha Brown: Welcome to Sassha's World!

I enjoy slow caresses in the morning, good books and the mountains, I am a fun girl who loves all people and enjoys life in the countryside and nights out in the city, I love good anime and interesting conversations I am also open-minded and enjoy my sexuality without taboos. I love exploring new pleasures and collecting fulfilled dreams. If you want to know a little more about me, feel free to enjoy my time and my shows! I’ll wait for you!

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Ivy Radke: Hi

I actually battle my demons and shadowsThey swim in the deep, and they creep in the shallows, I’m lostI gotta admit that I’m living the life that I’ve always wanted, but it comes at a costThey’re licking their chops, they’re fixing to rip me apart, I’m swimming with sharksI’m lifting the bar, I’m lifting it into the starsI’m like a shot of adrenaline mixed with some Ritalin

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Dove Kammeron: I Love Sexual Adventures!

I have learned to enjoy sex without limits, I have also learned to enjoy different orgasms and new pleasures! I love discovering and recognizing new pleasures through instinct, I love the sensitivity of the mind when it comes into action with the body and the way in which imaginary scenarios are drawn that invite me to dream of fetishes, fantasies and indescribable moments that have made my memory collect pleasures!When I slowly caress my body and feel my moist and soft hands pass near my nipples and my pussy, my legs tremble and I feel a tingling that runs through my body, that’s when my pussy begins to get wet and asks for my fingers to enter me. I love enjoying my Hitachi vibrating on my clitoris, making my moans increase and my desire to suck a hard and slimy penis being my only goal!I love it when, between moans, my body continues asking for more and the desire never stops growing. That’s when I want to take my favorite dildo and make it enter and exit slowly without control, imagining that you are the one on top of me, taking control of each one. the fibers of my body, I love to enjoy free, uninhibited pleasure, full of fluids, I love slow sex that transforms into hard sex, the one that makes me finish and get everything wet, I love feeling a tongue drawing pleasures on my clitoris and a good cock rubbing my ass making it hornier and wanting to be penetrated open and enjoyed in a thousand ways

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Dearly Agus: Dear Diary

It’s incredible how much I enjoy looking at MY OWN STORIES, it’s like a gift I give myself for later, like, mmm, let’s see what’s up in instagram. Uhh, what a beautiful landscape (I uploaded it) what a beautiful girl (it’s me) what a funny meme ( I chose it) lmao

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